Command Staff Attending Community Meetings

Supervisors at a meetingDistrict commanders

In an effort to strengthen the partnership between the community and the police department, district commanders, executive officers and community relation officers have been directed to attend community meetings taking place within their respective precincts. This action is in addition to the Captain’s Meetings which are normally held once a month by every District Commander. “The purpose behind this directive is to hold those in command positions accountable to each and every resident we serve and protect,” said Chief Robert Cowan. “This action will strengthen lines of communication between the community and police, provide us with information in respect to issues concerning residents as well as allowing them the opportunity to have face to face contact with high ranking police personnel to voice their concerns.” This allows police leadership within each district command who are in positions to redirect police resources after hearing complaints and concerns from residents. Since being implemented over six months ago, we have received incredible feedback, more so specifically in regards to police strategies. “We get to learn from the residents what actions from the police are working and which ones are not working.” Chief Cowan, who frequently attends most community meetings himself; further stated “This will serve to be beneficial to not only the community and police but the city as a whole.”