East District

Captain Benjamin J. DaileyLieutenant Christopher DaltonCommunity Relations Officer Dina Lionakis
207 7th Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Fax: (201)547-5075

The East District, commanded by Captain Benjamin J. Dailey, is populated by approximately 60,000 residents and 40,000 day-time workers who commute daily.

District Boundaries

Starting at the Hudson River, at the midpoint of Liberty State Park, going west to Jersey City Boulevard, to the railroad right-of-way, continuing west to Garfield Avenue. At the intersection of Garfield Avenue and the railroad track, going north along Garfield Avenue, to the Downtown Junction, then north along Summit Avenue to Academy Street. At the intersection of Sip Avenue and Academy Street, turning east along Academy Street to the railroad right-of-way. At the intersection of the railroad right-of-way and Academy Street, north along the railroad right-of-way to Hoboken Avenue. At the intersection of the railroad right-of-way and Hoboken Avenue, turning east on Hoboken Avenue to the border with Hoboken.

High Schools

  • Ferris High School (#52) - 35 Colgate Street
  • McNair Academic High School - (#56), 123 Coles Street

Grammar Schools

  • PS #3 (F.R. Conwell) - 70 Bright Street
  • PS #5 (Dr. M. Conti) - 182 Merseles Street
  • PS #7 (Name N/A) - 107 Bright Street
  • PS #9 (Kennedy School) - 222 Mercer Street
  • PS #16 (C.F. Bradford) - 96 Sussex Street
  • PS #22 (Name N/A) - 264 Van Horne Street
  • PS #37 (R.J. Cordero School) - 158 Erie Street
  • Learning Community Charter School (#71), 1 Canal Street
  • Jersey City Golden Door, (#74), 180 Ninth Street
  • Soaring Heights Charter School (#75) 3127 Third Street
  • Liberty Academy (#79), 1 Canal Street
  • Schomburg Charter (#80), 508 Grand Street

Points of Interest

  • Four neighborhoods with historic protected districts are Hamilton Park, Van Vorst Park, Harsimus Cove and Paulus Hook.
  • Newport Center on the waterfront is a new neighborhood.
  • Exchange Place
  • Historic City Hall
  • Holland Tunnel
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Liberty State Park
  • Liberty Landing Marina
  • Newport Centre Mall
  • The Colgate Clock

East District Initiatives

  • Fixed post in the Exchange Place area
  • Burglary prevention
  • Combating shoplifting and thefts
  • Cushman/GEO Units
  • Increased radar enforcement
  • Increasing meetings with community groups
  • Providing e-mail access and communications to community groups